Wedding Entertainment

Do you want your wedding to be talked about forever? Like people talking about it 10-15 years later like it happened last week forever? Thought so. You can have the most beautiful wedding in the entire world, but if your guests don’t have a good time, there’s no way those comments 10 years later are going to be positive.

Custom Creations

Custom is not a word a lot of people want to hear because it’s usually followed by another C word: costly. When thinking of your ideal wedding dress and jewelry, you want everything to be stunning, but don’t want your ensemble to cost more than a down payment on a house. With Moore Couture Bridal and Tammy Spice Jewelry, you can attain that dream look without breaking the bank.

17 Wedding Trends For 2017

It’s a new year, which means a new batch of wedding trends. With 2016 came metallic color schemes, food incorporated in floral arrangements, cocktail/food pairings, mismatched bridesmaid dresses and so so so much more. While some of those will stick around for 2017, you’ll see some different trends make an appearance at weddings all year.