Before You Become a Bride

It happened. You’re engaged. No more Mom or Grandma trying to hook you up with anything that walks upright and breathes. No more dropping hints to your boyfriend that you’re ready for him to put a ring on it. The ring has been put on, so now what?


After the initial shock has worn off, call your parents, siblings, best friends, that kid who said you’d never get married and whoever else you want to tell right away. If you don’t want to call your friends (or anyone for that matter), try a fun way to break the news.


Not the most romantic step in the post-engagement process, but insurance is going to save you a ton in the end, and it’s relatively inexpensive if you add as an extension to your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. If you haven’t gotten your ring sized yet and it falls off, your insurance will come in handy, but you should get your ring fitting properly to avoid throwing thousands of dollars down the drain--literally.


Before even opening your Pinterest wedding board, you and your fiancee should set a budget in order to avoid disappointments and headaches later on. Why fall in love with a venue with a price that exceeds what you’d like to spend on your entire wedding? It’s not worth the heartache, so figure out what you’d like to spend before shopping around.


You might already have a venue or a dress in mind, but doing ample research before committing is a must. You can’t nail down a date until you have a venue and you can’t walk down the aisle naked and both (probably) need to be within budget. You could be pleasantly surprised by what you find through your research.

Draft a Guest List

Get those first round picks in because this list will change a million times until those invitations are mailed. By getting a rough estimate of how many people will be invited, you’ll determine the size of your wedding and be able to narrow down venues. Finding out who the parents want to invite and if this determines how the bill will be paid might be an important step in your wedding planning process, too.

Plan Your Engagement Party

If you even want one, start discussing the details soon. Your parents or his parents or your best friend might want to throw the party. You won’t know until you talk about it.


Once you delve into the wedding planning, you’re going to get stressed out, so take the time now to relax with your fiancee before the chaos ensues. Go on a little weekend getaway or have a romantic dinner just the two of you. And don’t forget to pop open a bottle of champagne (or two)!