Bachelorette Party Ideas

Pop the champagne... your bestie is engaged! Whether you’re the maid of honor, bridesmaid or close friend, you have chosen to take on the responsibility of throwing together one last fling before the ring. The bachelorette party is one of the biggest parties of your life, and this will help relieve the bride of any stress and get everyone on the right foot so you can truly enjoy one last night with the bride before she’s hitched.

Bachelorette parties don’t have to be all about blinking rings and cheap feather boas. Maybe the idea of painting wine glasses and exploring a cheese plate sounds more appealing. Hold on to your party hats while we fill you in on some of the best kept secrets in the area to give your bride the best send-off.


Local brewery tours and wineries are on the rise. You could do the typical street bar crawl, but you’d be missing out on touring some of the nation’s top cities for beer and wine. The midwest is home to several breweries and tons of bars that love to sell local brews. Wineries are also popping up all over. In Door County, they offer a trolley system that can take you and your girls to all of the wineries along the peninsula, all while serving you mimosas and Bloody Marys. Here are a few ideas of breweries and wineries we have right here in our very own cheese state:

NorthLeaf Winery in Milton, WI

Wollersheim Winery in Prairie du Sac, WI

Cambridge Winery in Cambridge, WI

Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, WI

Karben4 Brewery, in Madison, WI

Tyranena Brewery in Lake Mills, WI

New Glarus Brewing Co. New Glarus, WI


Suggest a day or weekend spa event and send everyone running for their plush terry robes. You'll forgo junk food and alcohol, but those clean pores and exfoliated elbows will be worth it. Choose a full-service spa that offers everything from massages and mud wraps to makeovers and manicures. The bride will appreciate the stress-buster, and you all may find great new looks for the wedding day.


Take a trip to one of the many Brush and Board locations or have one come to you! Studio M will also bring the party to you!


What would be more fun than a private dance party at Pure Gravity Fitness? You get instruction on pole dancing and chair routines to your favorite songs.


If you've forgotten the liberating feeling of making utter fools of yourselves, lip-synching will be fun for all. There's a reason kamikazes are served in karaoke bars. After all, do you really want to remember your performance? Want to remember what it was like to be back in the car jamming with your girlfriends? Step right up and play your favorite Salt n Pepa or Beyonce. Get them to walk the line with Any Man of Mine by Shania!


Fondue parties can be great, messy fun. Communal pots of melted cheese and chocolate seem to encourage giggles and gossip. Do this at home if you've got the equipment (and people willing to chop veggies, meats and fruits), or you can reserve a big table at a fondue restaurant. Go ahead and indulge -- don't worry about the calories. This is your night to get down and get cheesy.


A comedy club may seem one step up from Chippendales, but it's a recipe for hilarity -- especially when the stand-ups know you're there for a bachelorette party (married sex and mother-in-law jokes will fly!). Call the club in advance and reserve a front-row table. Tell them what you're celebrating, and ask about a group discount if there's a cover charge. After a few stiff drinks, even Al Gore could have you in stitches.


Does the bride love the great outdoors? Consider a back-to-nature bachelorette party. Call your state board of tourism to ask about campsites, then ring up locations of interest and ask about rental cabins or tents. If you come up empty, you can rent tents and other supplies at outdoor stores. Also find out what activities are offered (hiking, canoeing, swimming, fishing or horseback riding). Make sure all guests know what clothes, food and accessories to pack -- and most importantly, remember to bring toilet paper.


Dance clubs, sleazy bars, pool halls, strip joints -- why choose just one? Explore them all in the lap of luxury: a chauffeur-driven limo, like one from Fantasy Limo. Arrange for the car to pick up everyone at a designated location, and then go wherever you please and drink as much as you please, all while feeling like important celebrities. Just make sure the night ends at the house, apartment or hotel where everyone will be crashing, so no one has to drive home. If a limo isn't your style -- or your group is too big -- consider a rental van or chartered bus.


Any local festivals or concerts in the area? Taking the bride to her favorite band or musician would be a great way to celebrate the nuptials. Did I hear that Luke Bryan is coming to Summerfest?


A little healthy competition never hurt anyone. Get some snacks and grab your favorite board games. Was it Ms. Scarlett in the conservatory with the rope?


Does half of the bride's closet consist of sports jerseys? Take everyone out to a ball game! Whether it be baseball, basketball or football, many sports arenas offer group deals.