Wedding Flowers: Don't Be a DIY Victim!

By now you’ve probably set up Pinterest boards dedicated to your wedding, you have stacks of bridal magazines and is set as your homepage. You’ve browsed countless DIY weddings that look like fairy tales and all you can think is, “I can do that, I will save thousands by doing this on my own—I CAN be like those brides and have it all!”

But suddenly your to-do list that was once simple (centerpieces, bouquets, wedding favors) turns into an inspiration board that even Martha Stewart would envy. You now have to make personalized invitations, hand-painted signs, wooden place card holders and OF COURSE you need to make a Donut Wall—it’s the hottest new trend!

Step away from Pinterest. Step. Away.

You are NOT doing anything wrong by not DIY-ing your wedding. I repeat: You are NOT a failure of a bride if you leave your wedding up to the pros.

Even the experts at (the holy grail of all things “wedding” online) agree to ditch the DIY madness. They suggest brides and grooms focus their attention on a few big elements — like picking a skilled photographer or finding a venue that doesn’t need much decoration— and avoid getting bogged down in creating little details for every part of the celebration. Oftentimes, those extra “little details” completely derail your budget and before you know it the thousands you thought you’d save become mere pennies.

Luckily, if you live in the WI/IL stateline you benefit from having some great vendors in the area that can help—and no, you don’t need to have a six figure wedding budget!

Brace yourself. This may come as a shock: Buying flowers and attempting to do arrangements on your own typically only saves you about 25% less than what a florist would charge… And that’s only in extreme cases!

Leave your flowers to the pros. Trust us.  

 Floral Expressions showroom in Janesville

Floral Expressions showroom in Janesville

Floral Expressions has been locally owned and operated in Janesville for over 25 years. Visit their showroom and bask in all its flowery glory. Go ahead, get lost in there for a little while.

Not only can they handle your bouquets and centerpieces, but they also offer other wedding decor. So whether you’re looking to stay on the hottest trend of succulents and greenery or are choosing a more traditional route, we guarantee you will leave there inspired. And dare we say it: a weight may be lifted off your shoulders.  

You’re still debating the DIY flower route, aren’t you?

Well ponder this: Did you do the math? Not only do you need a super memorable, perfect-in- every-way bouquet for yourself, but you’ll also need bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres (and don’t forget your ushers), corsages for your moms and grandmas, and what about all those table centerpieces? Yikes!

Now add up the cost for each piece and don’t forget to include the cost of ribbon and any other decorative elements.  

Got the number? Now add in the TIME you’ll spend making each one ...doesn’t seem worth it, does it?

 Creations by  Flower Barrel

Creations by Flower Barrel

Enter: Flower Barrel, Clinton’s very own florist and the solution to your problem. Visit their website. You’re sure to find the perfect combination for your wedding theme. And yes, they will even entertain you pulling out your phone to share your Pinterest board.  

  Glitz & Go  balloon arch

Glitz & Go balloon arch

Not only is Glitz & Go a party supply store, but they also specialize in event decor perfect for your bridal shower, bachelorette party and reception.

Want to make a big statement? Let them help you customize a balloon arch.

Looking for decor to go with your wedding theme? They have great one-of-a-kind elements that you can rent, including a wooden arbor, light up fabric backdrop, vintage doors and even custom signs!

To make it even easier, they are the only vendor in the area that will not only deliver AND setup, but they’ll also come back later to take it all down.

Yup, that’s right your “Wedding Day To-Do List” just got shorter!

Did I mention all these local vendors will be at the Beloit Wedding Showcase on Sunday March 12th? They’ll have their best examples with them, so be sure to stop by!  Register today: