Show 'Em Your Good Side

If you’re not already a perfectionist, I’m sure you will be when it comes to your wedding. From the venue down to the silverware, you need everything to be impeccable on your special day. While your wedding will be over in the blink of an eye, the photos will last forever. No pressure, right?

Don’t panic. Here are some ways to make sure your photos are as perfect as your day.


The tiniest little thing can affect your photos, such as drinking out of a plastic water bottle while getting ready. If you don’t want that crinkly plastic showing up in most of your photos, remember to drink out of something that matches your aesthetic. Those small details can make a huge impact on your photos.


If you think you’re close enough to your partner while being photographed, you should probably get even closer. What feels natural now will most likely look unnatural in photos and will result in an awkward gap between the two of you. You’re married... Act like you like each other.


Being in front of the camera can be stressful if you’re not used to it. I mean, not all of us can be Cindy Crawford or Chrissy Teigen, so try rolling your shoulders a few times to release tension while taking portraits. You’ll feel more relaxed and it’ll transfer to your photos. If all else fails, split a cocktail with your groom. Or have one of your own. You’ll really be relaxed then!


Your hair and makeup is most likely going to run over the time you’ve allotted. There’s a chance your flower girl will have a meltdown during pictures. By planning for some mishaps and allowing for a buffer period, you’ll be prepared and stay more relaxed (see above), and you’ll get quality time with your photographer.


To get intimate shots of you and your groom, talk to your photographer about a first look shoot. You’ll get some of the jitters out, have a bit of alone time before the ceremony and have more time with your friends and family later. If you’d rather save that moment for your walk down the aisle, think about doing a first look with your dad and/or mom.

Remember these are just tips to use on your wedding day, but the professionals know how to get the best photos with their own tips and tricks. Check out Peer Canvas, Cassie Lauren Photo & Design and DSH Media at the Beloit Weddings Showcase to see how they make their couples’ photos as flawless as their wedding days.